10 facts Every Man Should Know about a Woman’s need

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Understanding a woman is one the hardest thing for every guy out there and mastery of this makes it more easy for you as you stay around them. I heard someone said how can you really understand what was created when you are fast asleep? Well if I must let you know something you just have to try to figure it out if you want to have any good and successful at all relationships.

Below is 10 fact about every lady you need to take note of since we can’t actually do without them so it good to understand how they feel.

1. Ladies believe in words: if you have ever approach a lady before you will agree with me that words are the things that really moves a lady. That’s why you normally hear that ladies are moved by words while guys are moves by what they see.

Let make reference to the Bible when Adam first saw Eve what Adam used in getting the attention of Eve was his spoken words. He said ” indeed this is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”. So if you want to have any success around ladies this days be sure to be full of words.

2. Ladies wants a focus man: this is a very true fact in the sense that no lady will want to be with a guy that have zero focus. When a girl is in love with you she’s easily commited because she want to go a long way with you and if you are not the focus type of guy not knowing what you really want then be ready to be killed by loneliness.

3. A man with a goal: Every girl want a man to be proud of a man with a goal she can be part of his goal. Never make the mistake of making a woman your utmost goal because that will make her live you as she will think you’re not man enough. A lady want to be with a man with goal that she can be part of a man she can go a long way with. This is like been on a train in this case your goal is the train and the lady join you in it so you guys can accomplish it together.

4. A man that can take care of them: This is very obvious no girl will want to stay with a guy that can not take care of them. So before you approach a girl be sure you can take care of her needs.

5. A man that dress well: This is the first thing that a lady noticed when a guy go to approach them so Never take it lightly as this can make a lady fall for you instantly. Try to wear a cloth that fit you and keep your dress ironed at all time and your hair should be kept neat as well. Dress as you wish to be address and believe me you’ll surely get the lady of your dream.

6. A man that understands them: it’s the dream of every girl to have a man that understand them most especially how they feel and is ready to treat them like a queen. Try to understand your waman mostly when shes angry and when shes happy. Know what she wants and know the kinda person she is tey to communicate with her without spoken words.

7. A man with money. Some might not take this one but it’s very true. A lady wants a man with money we all know the nature of woman on how they love to enjoy themselves. You might be thinking that if a lady loves me then she has to do it even if you don’t have money yes that’s true but still try hustle and make money you’ll enjoy the love better. Maybe you have a girl already and you’re saying all she wants is your money. My brother thank your God that you even have the money what if you don’t have or do you want her to be after your life? Just make money and love will be sweet.

8. A man that respect himself: Respect they say is a reciprocal and for a woman to love and cherish you she must be convinced that you respect yourself. Don’t be the too much talkative of a guy and learn when to talk and when not to talk and try to figure out when shes happy expecially when you’re talking.

9. A generous man: are you the “aka GUM” type of man? The one that calculate everything he give to a girl. Not bad to calculate though but be generous enough to surprise her with gift and make her feel loved.

10. A jovial man: you might really underestimate this but no lady will want to stay with a man that’s boring. You have to at least know how to make her laugh. Study shows that ladies usually fall easily for men that knows how to crack jokes and make them laugh but be reminded that you must not overdo this as you might appear jerky.

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