All jambites- Take Note Of This Information As You Await Your Post Utme.

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During this period of isolation because of this pandemic disease in the country, its of great importance for all jambites to bear in mind that they must do whatever it takes for them to be prepared for their post Utme.

Do your best not to be taking unaware about your post Utme exam. passing jamb alone does not guarantee admission so do your very best to get all the information you need.

However for those that have little idea on how to go about it, I will try my best to outline somethings to expect and how you can prepare for it.

Here is a break down of what and what is vital for you to secure admission into a Nigerian University.

– O’ Level – You WASSCE result really speak much about your chances of gaining admission, as it serves as the number one pillar you must build very well before thinking of applying for admission into any school. I’ll say your O’ Level will determine you gaining admission to study your most preferred course. It takes 50% out of the admission quota, I.e the requirements. You must have at least Credit in all your compulsory subjects before thinking of gaining admission or else, I’ll suggest you try NECO because you won’t be admitted if you have anything lesser than C (Credit).

– Post UTME Screening result – This just covers 30% out of the admission quota. You need to pass this screening exam too. Who knows if the school decided to use their own grading system.

– JAMB/ UTME score – Your UTME result covers 20% of the admission quota of your school because JAMB was established just to know how well secondary school students are prepared for the University level.


1. Don’t make reading your hobby – Never in your life make reading your hobby as it can affect you in the long run. You rather study to assimilate and understand whatever you’re reading. Never read to crime meanings word for word. Stare at your book if you can’t study, and whenever you’re in an exam sit, you’ll easily remember.

2. Get Exams Preparation Materials – If you want to pass Post Utme exams easily, you need to get materials that will help you learn a topic and understand. Materials such as Textbooks, past questions, and answers, booklet, e-books e.t.c

No matter how hard you study without past question or textbooks, you’ll fail because textbooks and PQ are very good materials that will help you to pass any exam easily.

3. Reduce your time on social media – Try reducing the hours you use on social media and use it to study. Avoid social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, 2go and Instagram for now because your Post-Utme exam is near and you need to study.

The more you are active on Facebook, the more latest trend you will see and it’ll divert you from whatever you\re doing. Your mom will always complain and your dad too. I’ll urge you to reduce your time on Social networks because exams are steps you need to build before you can achieve anything.

4. Stop procrastinating – I’ll do this and that later should stop from now on because it will only make use of your time doing unnecessary things that won’t make you to study hard for your UTME exam. Procrastination is bad as stated in the Holy Bible and Quran. Stop procrastinating babe, it’ll destroy you.

5. Find information – For you to smash your school Post-Utme, you need to be kept abreast of information regarding your school.

That’s all for now I will try my best to keep you updated regarding everything you need to know about the post Utme.

And do well to drop your comments and share with your fellow candidates. God bless you and best of luck to you all.

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