Businesses you can start with 5 thousand Naira and generate 100 hundred thousand Naira in a month

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Are you looking for business you can start with just 5 thousand naira? and earn over 100 thousand naira in a month? You are in the right place. In this article i am going to be discussing small scale businesses that really pays.

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Note: Hard work is the key, do not expect it to be magic.

Start Blogging

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Blogging is a lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with 5,000 naira or even less. The #5,000 will be for the payment of the hosting provider. I can get you a hosting as low as #7,000 and I will also be glad to even help you to design it free of charge. A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. All you need do is invite people into your blog, and advertise for companies.

Start a beauty salon

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Hair salons provide men and women with services to clean, condition, strengthen, cut, style and color their hair. Opening a hair salon requires that you meet local, state and federal licensing and permit regulations, as well as registering your business as a legal entity, finding staff and marketing your salon.Contrary to popular belief, not all salon owners possess a cosmetology license. Unless you will be personally performing salon services on your patrons, you are not required to carry any cosmetology certification. You can open a salon with just 5 thousand naira, it must not be a shop, you can start gradually at home and believe me you are going to make alot of money

Drinks and and pure water business

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Introduction To Pure Water Business - Business - Nigeria

The weather is mostly always hot and so people are mostly always thirsty. With 5,000 naira, one can start a small scale drinks and water business by a popular bustop or road junction. You could even ‘jazz’ up your own by adding other more organic home-made drinks like zobo, smoothies and fruit juices.many believe this business is meant for the poor but that’s a very bad mentality. One good secret about business is knowing what people want and giving it to them and another one is the demand of the product.  

Buying And Reselling.

Start Buying and Selling Business in Nigeria -

Generally, it’s not illegal to resell an item that you have legitimately purchased. Once you have purchased something at retail it is yours to do with as you choose. for example my sister buys shoes fromjos at each price and then she exports to Bauchi and Gombe and also Benue via way bill and sells at price she gets her gain. there are alot of products you can buy and resell.

London Used Cloths (OKRIKA)

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Okrika is cloths that are been used outside the country that was imported into Nigeria by some importers. About 48% of Nigerians wore Okrika but you won’t know because they are first-class Okrika. The facts are that you won’t be able to differentiate Okrika and ready-made if joined together. Many boutiques in Nigeria stock their shop with Okrika and sell them at a higher price. You can buy okrika cloths and resell at high price in the market.

 Liquid soap production.

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Obviously, the liquid soap business is profitable. You can make N15,000 from N5,000 liquid soap production. Therefore, you can reduce your price and approach supermarket owners to resell for you.

Liquid soap making process

SLS and STPP should be softened with 1.25 liters of water. Add soften soda ash, and caustic soda, nitrosol and mix it all. If you desired to use formalin add it at this stage. Add soften SLS, soften S.T.P.P.

Palm oil is also used in soap production, body cream, margarine and cosmetics in general. Other uses of palm oil include: Production of dog and other domestic animal food. almost every body makes use of palm oil in cooking and since it’s in high demand then it also one of the lucrative business to venture into because it pays very high.

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Poultry farming | Britannica

Poultry business: I know some people will be like how’s is it possible to generate that amount just from broiler production. o generate 10m naira on broiler Production you’ll need at least ten thousand birds.(10,000) and let’s say you’re selling at a very affordable rate like 1,500 naira multiply by that 10 thousand birds you’ll have more than 10,000,000 naira already.

Selling of charcoal: Charcoal is used in some toothpastes. Charcoal is sometimes used in cosmetics. Charcoal is a great exportable product from Nigeria. Traditionally, most people in Nigeria used to produce charcoal at an individual level. They would fell trees on their plots and nearby forests, cover the pile of wood with earth and light a fire, letting the wood smoulder for about two weeks to produce charcoal.The price of a bag of charcoal in the rural area is about ₦ 2, 000. A bag can be repackaged into 7 smaller bags which are sold for ₦ 2, 000 each.

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