Facebook marketing tips for small business 2020

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Facebook marketing refers to creating—and actively using—a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact with and attract customers. Facebook actively provides for this, allowing users to create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan Page.

Today, I’ll be rigorously sharing with you the most important things you’ll need to know about Facebook Marketing.
You’ll also learn how to run Facebook Ads Campaign that converts effectively.

Having much understanding of these tips and strategies will help you promote your small Business on Facebook.

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Profile and Page
  • Facebook Ads.

Facebook Marketing is just a method of reaching out to the broader Audience who might not necessarily be in your immediate circle.

Don’t forget As a business owner, you must have a product. It could be a tangible or intangible product.

Facebook Profile and Page

If you want to create a Facebook Ads, you must have a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page is Business Oriented, made especially for Promoting Business on Facebook.

It is a platform on Facebook that allows you to do Business.

While using Facebook Ads Manager, Take note of how to make things work properly .

Jumping into the ads section is not advisable after creating your page.

The success of your ads depends on how well your page is optimized.

Look at your category and see if it fits what your page is all about and change it if it doesn’t.

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads is the way forward, To set up a profitable Facebook Advert Campaign, here are the three things to focus on.

The three elements for a successful Facebook Ad is:

✒ Your Ad Copy

✒ Your Ad Creative (The Video or Image Used)

✒ Your Target Audience

Before you set up your Ad, Post your Text or Ad copy on the Facebook Page along with beautiful pictures/video of your products first. 
✅ After setting up your Ads and it’s approved, if it’s not converting after #120 spent for (Engagement objective) or #200 spent for (Traffic Objective), stop the Ads and work on it again.
✅ Use Zero Targeting that is, targeting only a specific country and not the states. Example using only (Nigeria) as Location except in rare cases.
✅ For your Ads to convert quickly, use Facebook feeds alone, not messenger, Instagram etc.
✅ Lower price converts well, set your daily budget at a minimum of #500 or #1,000 per day.
✅ Use many demography and interests in detailed targeting; minimum of 7 interests is okay.
✅ Set the age limit from 18+ above (18 – 65) except on rare cases and depending on the type of product you are marketing.
✅ Always make sure your CTR is average and moderate at least 1% and not below 1%.
✅ Make sure your CPC is not high, (#1 – #4) per click CPC is cool.
✅ Avoid using Narrow Audience, it increases your Ad cost, only target detailed broad Audience and not narrow Audience.
✅ Do not run Ads and pause it at intervals; instead, you run it with low budget and space it.
✅ Use URL shorteners like (Tinyurl, bitly) to shorten your Sales Page/Landing Page links or redirect your sales page domain.
✅ Don’t use Pictures/Videos that show sensitive body parts, Facebook would not approve the Ads.
✅ Don’t always duplicate your Ads, it will show to the same set of people.
✅ Before you duplicate your Ads, change the creative to increase the potential reach. (Increase the age range, change the image/video, edit the Audience and add more interests).
✅ It’s advisable to use old Facebook accounts to run Ads (12 months and above).
✅ Use real human being images/videos for mostly health products.
✅ Use short stories in your Ad copy to reduce CTR and make interested people click.
✅ Never use Opt-in forms as Sales Page or Landing Page.
✅ Use good Ad copy for your Ads, write and draw curiosity in your Ads copy. Bad Ad copy makes your CPC high.
✅ Using Video works better and reduces CPC as well.
✅ When targeting Nigerians, use black people pictures, not always a foreigner or white ladies picture.
✅ Sell and Advertise products mostly consumed by Youths and Women.
✅ Always check your Ad manager after setting up your Ads and when the Ad is running.

Applying all these tips and strategies will help you in promoting your Business on Facebook to the right Audience as well as boost your sales.

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