20 Notable Premier League Stars That Has Never Won The Title.

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    The following list is the names of players in the Epl that has never won the title throughout their footballing career.

    1. Steven Gerrard.

    Gerrard is one the most notable player in epl during his time in premier league. He struggle for 17 complete years just to get hold of the title but luck refuse to shine on him. Though Gerrard won other titles including the champions league and the FA cup but epl was not just his calling.

    He came close lifting the title in 2013/2014 season but thanks to man city that denied them the chance of getting hold of it and Manchester city became the crown champions by winning the league with just two point above Liverpool.

    2. Alexis Sanchez.

    Alexis Sanchez is a chilian footballer that currently play for inter Milan on loan from Manchester United. Sanchez left barcelona to Arsenal with the hope of lifting the premier league title as thats the hope of every star players that play for a big club like arsenal but during his spell in Arsenal Alexis never get closed on lifting the title.

    After some season of struggling with arsenal to lift the title and the chances are not coming by, Alexis left Arsenal to Manchester United with the hope of lifting it with Manchester United. But luck never shine for Alexis in Manchester United as he never even get to have enough playing time in Manchester which is why he’s now on a loan spell In inter Milan.

    3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Zlatan is a swedish player that currently play for AC Milan. He’s a player that has so much ego. In his mind Zlatan is the best in the world and after playing for many totable clubs and won the titles, Zlatan also want to conquer England which is why he moved to Manchester United from Paris saint German.

    During the time of Zlatan in epl he was indeed an iconic figure. He’s hope was to lift the title with Manchester United but he never had the chance. Though Zlatan won some major cup like Europa league cup and the FA cup with Manchester United but he never get hold of the epl title.

    4. Romelu Lukaku.

    Lukaku is a Belgian footballer that plays the role of a striker. Lukaku is indeed a goal machine. After having played for chelsea, Everton And Manchester United with the hope of lifting the title but all seems not to be possible. He left Manchester United to inter Milan which is his current club as it stand. And for his record he never get to hold of the title with any of the trio he has played for

    5. Gianfranco Zola.

    Zola although been regarded as Chelsea best player of all time has never lifted the premier league title. During his stay in Chelsea Zola managed to bagged 80 goals for the blues. Zola spend 7 years at the bridge but never won the title with Chelsea.

    6. Luis Suarez.

    Suarez is a uraguay striker that currently play for Barcelona. During his stay at Liverpool he didn’t get to lift the title though he came close some times. The season that broke the carmels back that made him left Liverpool to barcelona was when he get close on lifting the title and Crystal palace drew with them 3:3. A match that would have won him the title should he have won the match then.

    7. Gareth Bale.

    The Wales international was a full left back at southamptom before his move to Tottenham in 2007. Bale grew to become one of the best attacker, during his stay both in southamptom and Tottenham he never lifted any trophy talkless of winning the premier league.

    8. Fernando Torres.

    Torres is a Spain international who have played for both Liverpool and Chelsea spending three and halve season in each of the club.

    During his stay both in Chelsea and Liverpool Torres never lifted the trophy despite been one of the dangerous attacker at that time.

    9. Xabi Alonso.

    Alonso is a Spanish international. He joined Liverpool in year 2004. During his stay at the club he was one of the most valuable player at the time.

    Throughout his entire season in Liverpool, Alonso never tested the title though he won other the champions league in his first season with Liverpool but the league was never his thing.

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