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Jokes invariably refers to those stories which are strictly meant for amusement or laughter. Such humor and fun can spice up our life by effectively bringing in happiness. It can be either a Long or a Short Joke; the underlying purpose is to make people laugh and feel jovial.

Humor is an essential fragment of the behavioral and emotional system that supports life. It is important for individuals to smile and laugh every once in a while. This is beneficial for the health as well as the mental state. There are plenty of other benefits that a joke can render in an ordinary human life.

Here are top ten corona virus jokes of the day

  1. what if rapture is taking place, and those that died of corona virus are the saints?
  2. bad luck is when you contact corona virus in nigeria and you do not have an international passport
  3. my mom just called corona virus , colonial virus
  4. hausa people it is not follonial virus, bt coronal virus
  5. my igbo people, it is not corunary virus but corona virus
  6. when your girlfriend contacts coruna virus, BYE BYE TO YEYE GIRLFRIEND!
  7. gone are days when nigerians hustle to travel abroad now wer strugling to our village, is God not wonderful?
  8. her: baby can we go to china? me: china for what???
  9. man went to Church on Sunday and gave testimony that he was infected with CORONA VIRUS and that God had healed him. When he finished, he tried to give the microphone to the second man who was waiting to give his own testimony, but the man was afraid to take it and politely refused it by saying,”Bro. My testimony is nothing before yours so, you Give it to pastor.”So the man tried to give microphone to pastor.Pastor says, “I’m not in charge of service today, because the Bishop is here with us today, so kindly give it to him.”So the man went to the Bishop.
  10. Bishop says, “brother in Christ, keep the mic, it is yours! Its a gift from the church for your marvellous testimony. You may take it home.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. after surviving covid19 boooo m here comes covid19 pro


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